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Writer's Block: The Meaning of Life

Describe your life in one sentence.
think to find one's value.

Spring Festival

the annual spring festival had already gone.l felt my legs was nearly broken yesterday night.After drinking a little white wine,l went to bed at 9:00.Wake to noon for most people.i want to go back to school.my stomach ached always.

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Writer's Block: Trivia Day

Don’t cheat. Do you know how many countries there are in the world?
About 200 including countries and areas which havenot became a independent one. I really don't know what other vocabulary to explain it.However I do know it is a simple geographical question for a junior school student.

Just Say It

It has been nearly  a year since I registered in livejournal.I felt excited when I first view the almost foreign language website which is still different from www.renren.com. The second one,I think,is a website filled with gossips/lonelyness/corruption and other Chinse 'special' characteristics-these ideas of us are born with and you can't image if you haven't deal with a nature.
I have made some new friends that from Amrica and Europe.What I like most is their true feeling.Maybe I think  everyone is naive in there and cute and they are not so exclusive to stranges.
I can say some things which I will never acknowledge them from my surrended friends.I live a place of  'Demons'.They would absolutely refer me as a mad if I tell them my true feeling.
However,I have not upload a picture here.Also I still don't know what the meaning Entry (it means a dairy or a passage?).At last I hope I can get novel idea of my intersts such as physics.
Go bed with my ‘baby'.
What is your favorite cult film, and why?

Chinese ZhouXingchi DaHuaXiYou

Writer's Block: Life's lessons

If you could confront the worst teacher you've ever had, what would you tell him or her?

maybe your method can't apply to anyone.

Writer's Block: The more you know

Should websites like Wikileaks be defended for sharing confidential corporate and government information with the public, and why?

I think keeping doing that is good for a long and healthy governments.Somebody must give a reason to us why we love our country. 

TRAVEL Beijing

Came back from my home,i arrived in Beijing 3 days ago.
Frankily speaking,Beijing has a nice traffic .There are subways,taxis,cobs,buses and so on.Compared to Hangzhou,i nearly want to it's very very perfect.The traffic gave me a lot of facilities.however,many people have other opinion,also i don't want to agrue with them.that is my true feeling.
Great Wall.it is aslo my first time there.THE Great Wall is splendid,unique.(my poor English...)i saw more foreigners than Chinese there.And the taller we climed,the less Chinese,the more foreigners i saw. my friend who is a native Beijing's told me,''hng,you see,there is no Chinese like to clime Great Wall.it's really tired.''In fact ..


I must start for my plane.

For Help

For what potential energy function V(x) does Φ satisfy the Schrodinger equation?
In this sentense,what's the meaning of "For what"?